Attribution Measurement, What’s Old is New Again

Exhibit A
  1. Identify offline/online media drivers of the consumer response behaviors, such as website visits, calls, and quotes. What are the media channels (offline/online) which drive consumer response?
  2. Determine whether the impactful media drivers vary by region. Does the impact of the media channels (online/offline) vary by region: Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec?
  3. Does the time period of the campaign have an impact on the efficacy of the media mix? Does the impact of the media channels (online/offline) vary by time period: Jan-Jun Year 1 to Jan-Jun Year 2?
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
  • Media co-dependence: Due to co-dependence among media and website behaviors, the models are likely to select variables which represent multiple attributes (e.g. site traffic was highly correlated with unique site visits and will represent both, etc.)
  • External/Other Factors: Media Mix Modeling looked at the direct impact on quotes by considering the effect paid media has on quotes irrespective of other driving factors, such as website behaviors, promotions, other marketing initiatives
  • Negative Relationships: A negative relationship between media and quotes did not indicate that spending with that media causes a reduction in quotes; it did mean that relative to other working media this channel is weaker
  • Multiple Analysis to draw our Conclusions: While univariate correlation analysis can identify the individual impact of media and website behaviors to quotes, it was important to evaluate the entire mix and control for additional factors and variables. Leverage both types of analyses (univariate and multivariate) for optimization
Exhibit C
  • Offline GRPs and OOH were strong contributors to generating Desktop Search demand. We know that search discovery leads to site activity and almost half of Mobile site and a quarter of Website visits were directly attributed to starting an online quote.
  • Branded TV and OOH not only contributed to the more immediate action of search but provided a measure halo of 6 weeks, meaning we were able to further attribute digital performance stemming from upper funnel branded advertising.
  • There was a clear link between brand advertising and consumer search behavior that ultimately generated business results (Exhibit D):
Exhibit D



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