havas CX helia Hires Account Executive Carolyn Owens

havas CX helia
2 min readNov 17, 2020


We’re growing again. Get to know our newest team member in Chicago.

Introducing Carolyn Owens, the latest addition to the havas CX helia team — and we’re thrilled to have her join us.

Carolyn is a Chicago native who’s passionate about experiencing new things and learning. These passions are what inspired her to pursue marketing as her MBA concentration, and what ultimately led her to havas CX helia. Although, as a child, Carolyn admits she thought she would grow up to be either a lawyer, a teacher… or a lady wrestler. So close. But with her enthusiasm, we’re willing to bet she can still teach us a few things.

A brand enthusiast to her core, Carolyn is a champion of big ideas and will undoubtedly be a catalyst in helping our team transform the way brands interact with audiences. With 4.5 years of client management experience for brands including United Airlines, Nike, the U.S. Army, and New York Lottery, Carolyn is prepared to embrace her new role with us.

When asked what she hopes to bring to the table, Carolyn said “[she] look[s] forward to helping havas CX helia maximize its account management strategy, and using [her] skills and ideas to grow [our] accounts.” And we can’t wait to see her in action.

Outside of her daily 9-to-5, Carolyn loves to travel and play Fantasy Football. Oh, and she loves Pizza Hut, but — due to delivery roadblocks — often settles for Domino’s.


You just finished your first week, what was your favorite moment?

My favorite moment was playing ice breaker games while meeting different colleagues.

What’s your favorite bagel variety and topping?

My favorite bagel is the plain bagel. The plain bagel is best when topped with cream cheese, lox, tomato, and onion. I also like onion bagels and cinnamon swirl bagels.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

My go-to productivity trick is to prioritize my most important tasks.

What’s the best advertisement you’ve seen recently? Why?

I love ads that are funny. One of my favorites is Geico’s “Aunt Infestation” commercial.

Got any hobbies?

I like to travel, read, spend time with family, and try new things.

If you were given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl that you couldn’t sell, what would you fill it with?

I would use this time to inspire people.

Ok, this girl really has it all — from a great sense of teamwork to an inspiring work ethic and everything in between. Welcome to the team, Carolyn!



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