How Data Helps Brands React to COVID-19

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3 min readOct 23, 2020


Build stronger relationships with your consumers during a time of crisis.

During these extraordinary times, brands are stepping up to the plate and supporting their communities by quickly altering marketing campaigns to ease the fears of their consumers and address concerns head-on.

Taking action is important because your reaction and communication during a crisis can have a significant impact on a customer’s sense of trust and loyalty in your brand. To further help create a sense of community and solidarity, your company should make sure any actions taken speak to the brand values that your consumers value most. And, aside from societal benefit, by supporting your consumers’ values your brand should see huge returns. In fact, according to Forrester, 75% of consumers are likely to start shopping at a company that shares their core values.

So, you may be wondering, How do brands do it? And the answer is data.

It’s necessary for brands to know their consumer if they intend to align with them. To effectively do this—especially now—brands must optimize the way they acquire and utilize customer data.

Here are three keywords to keep in mind as you look to optimize customer data acquisition and use it efficiently in response to COVID-19:


Build agile campaigns that meet customers where they are, while considering how they shop and what they need — both now and post-crisis. For this you will need timely data. As consumer behaviors continue to change, brands must source, optimize and sanitize data and the campaign workflow for a quick and positive reaction.


Reach out with support, not marketing. Make a connection with your consumers by aligning with their needs but staying true to your brand’s values. According to Kantar, 75% of consumers believe that it would be wrong to exploit the COVID-19 crisis in order to promote a brand.


Start optimizing your customer data automation long before the next crisis hits. Own your customer data by building a value-exchange that incentivizes consumers to join programs, sign up for experiences, and keep up with communication. In other words, think about a customer Loyalty Program.

How brands respond and reorganize during this time is pivotal to future success. And with the proper plan of action, it may also be a catalyst for a stronger brand image and vital organizational change.

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