Marketo 101

Basically, Marketo guides businesses through the delicate dance that is the customer’s road to purchase.

But if you want the super technical, it’s an enterprise-level CRM platform that helps large scale businesses organize their databases, allowing them to collect and keep accurate records of their contacts to improve their customer journey.

Definitely reporting capabilities, it’s very robust. I’ve used other CRM and ESP platforms, but Marketo is the most complex and impressive of them all. It gives the best insights and provides both large scale and granular data views.

You may be thinking to yourself now, “If Marketo does basically everything for me already, that means I can sit back and relax with a cold glass of whatever your favorite beverage is…”

Wouldn’t that be sweet? Unfortunately, nothing is ever that easy. You still need to woo your consumer.

When a consumer isn’t ready to buy at the moment, you have to take things slowly — take the time to nurture and build a relationship with them. Even emails promoting your social media, not just the sales-focused, can keep your brand or products top of mind for potential customers, so they know just who to go to when they’re ready to confirm their purchase.

Marketo can operate in two ways: either in a “plug and play” with creative and a modular template, or in HTML coding from scratch.

From a Marketing Operations standpoint, keep your data clean and perform regular maintenance of your database. And from a practitioner standpoint, the QA is important — have a weekly meeting to monitor email metrics, measure performance against benchmarks, and note test winners.

Also, onboard with Adobe representatives and read the Marketo Product Docs (instructional manuals).



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